Sample Letters

These are exerpts from actual letters of support for this legislative project. We thank all the people and organizations who have written in support of our project.

Dear Senator ,

I would like to ask you to move HB14 from Rules to the floor and to support the bill. It is a logical request and will demonstrate to the students of Polaris School how our governments works and that hard work doesn't go unrewarded. I honestly can't think of another dog that should represent the great State of Alaska.

Thank you,

, Teacher
Salcha, AK

Trivial legislation isn't controversial. People don't care about trivial things. Some people have said that HB14 (Alaskan Malamute as Official State Dog) is trivial legislation and that the Senate is too busy with important work to deal with that bill now.

I have watched a number of Senate and House floor sessions over the last week. I know that non-controversial legislation can be dealt with in as little as four minutes on the floor.

If HB14 is trivial, then the members of the Senate Rules Committee should move the bill to the Senate floor for a vote. There are dozens of students, teachers and parents around the state that will appreciate the Senate's effort. Ask your Senator to please vote for the bill on the floor.

However I believe that HB14 isn't trivial and is a little controversial. Alaskan's love their dogs. We love the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race and our sled dogs. The students who began this legislative project started out thinking that the Husky was the obvious choice for State Dog. (The mascot of Polaris K-12 School is a wolf, not a husky nor a malamute.) During their study they learned the history of the Malamute within our state. The Malamute has been here a long time, has made a significant contribution to the state and its peoples, and can be used as a sled dog!

Because there are people who believe in both the Malamute and the Husky as State Dog, the issue deserves a few minutes of debate on the Senate floor. The bill, and the hundreds of hours of work of all those students and teachers, doesn't deserve to die in the Rules Committee.

Please urge the members of the Rules Committee to move this to the Senate floor for discussion. And if you see things our way, please tell your Senator you support HB14.
I wish the Representatives and Senators all the best for the rest of this legislative session.


Dear Students:

I read about your project to have a breed named as the official state dog of Alaska.

From reading about your project it is clear that you have done your homework. You have learned a lot about Malamutes and Huskies and how they have served the First People and those who came after them. Well done! I applaud your efforts to work with the legislators to have this friend to man named as the state dog.

I hope that your bill gets proper consideration on the floor of the State House and the State Senate.

Good luck on your project.


Dear Senator:

The students at Polaris K-12 School are working on a project to promote an offical state dog. I think it is great that they are working to recognize the importance of sled dogs in Alaska history. I understand that Representative Gardner has introduced a bill that would accomplish this goal.

As you know, people in Alaska have relied on a variety of dogs for hundreds of years, including the Alaska Malamute, Siberian Husky and Alaska Husky. The result of these students' work is a proposal that would honor one type of sled dog as the official state dog, much like dog mushing was recognized as the official state sport in 1972. Regardless of which dog is finally selected, I think that honoring Alaska's history by recognizing the importance of sled dogs is a great idea.


Dear Students of Polaris K-12,

It is a pleasure to write this letter of support of your effort to enact legislation recognizing the official dog of the State of Alaska. Sled dogs have played an important role in our state's history, both for transportation and as companions.

This project also gives you an opportunity to learn about state government and the legislative process. Good luck on your exciting endeavor. I look forward to following your progress.


Dear Teachers,

The board of the Kennel Club has voted to support your effort to make the Alaskan Malamute the official state dog of Alaska. Please feel free to include this letter in your legislative packet.

Good luck in your efforts.


To Whom It May Concern:

Until I read about the Polaris K-12 students' legislative project I did not know the origin of the Alaskan Malamute and its rich historical connection to the Inuit people and to Alaska. I also did not know that it was one of the twelve ancient breeds. I appreciate that the students have provided such a wealth of information about this breed. The Alaskan Malamute truly is a wonderful dog that is hard working and loyal. I agree that these are the kind of attributes that Alaskans would consider important in naming an Alaska state dog.

I wish the students at Polaris K-12 much success in their efforts to have the Alaskan Malamute considered by the legislature as the Alaska state dog.


Dear Members of the Alaska State Legislature:

I find it exciting to see young people get engaged in thinking about, and making public policy and history.

I am writing in support of making the Alaska Malamute the official state dog of Alaska. The arguments supporting this proposal, as articulated by the students of Polaris K-12 School, have convinced me that the Alaska Malamute is an appropriate symbol for our state.

I urge you to support this student led project.

Thank you.

Dear Students of Carol's and Jamie's Family Groups,

We are pleased to send this letter of support for your class's proposal to name an official state dog. We were very interested to learn about all the ways that dogs have helped throughout the history of our great state. We agree that they should be recognized for their contribution.

We wish you well in your efforts!


Dear Carol's Class:

It has been brought to my attention that your classroom is trying to pass a law to make the Alaska Malamute our official state dog. I understand how much research you have been doing and the reasons you are trying to make a difference on a state-wide issue such as an official state dog. I am also impressed by the work and effort you have put into testifying before House and Senate committees as this bill makes its way through the legislature.

Although our school's mascot is the Husky, I can support your efforts in making the official state dog the Malamute. I will encourage my state Representative and Senator to consider your legislation. Your classroom is filled with a beautiful group of motivated, intelligent, civic-minded students who are responsible for their learning. I am pleased to support your cause.



Dear Students,

Thank you very much for your correspondence about naming an official state dog for Alaska. I am very impressed with the research your class did to learn about the legislative process and the historical contributions made by dogs to Alaska and its people.

I am very support of your efforts to work toward achieving this very important goal and you have clearly researched the issues. This process will be an excellent learning opportunity for you, and I am most appreciative of your class for selecting this very worthwhile project.

Please feel free to call on me for any further assistance I may provide on behalf of your mission. You have worked hard on this project and I wish you the best to see it through to completion.

Best wishes,

State Senator

To whom it may concern:

I think the Polaris K-12 project to have the Malamute named as the state dog is a wonderful idea, and I fully support this effort. I encourage the Alaska Legislature to learn more about the Alaska Malamute and to make it our official state dog.

Please support our students and all their hard work on this history, government and social studies project.


School Board Member